Poker App Nightmares – The Worst Type of Players You’ll Find

Poker App

You’ll come across a ton of different type of poker app users online, so read the following to acquaint yourself and avoid surprises.

The variety of different users and game types can either be a great or a horrible experience. It all boils down to how prepared you are when you start playing. This may not matter much if you’re playing free poker but it certainly does if there is money involved.

Poker App Social Butterflies

You are more likely to come across this type of user at a Thaidatabet poker tournament where many players might already know each other. However, when using a free poker app, you’ll come across many players who aren’t very serious about the game in any capacity. They are just there to chat and have some fun. While this isn’t always a problem if you happen to be very social yourself, it can be annoying if you are there to seriously improve your game. But instead need to respond to chats from other players asking questions. This happens the most in certain poker platforms where it pulls information from social media profiles. So that others can see what you look like if you choose to display this.

Poker App

The Know it All

Since you’ll interact with players who have different skill levels than you, this means some will be obnoxious about it. For instance, the ones that annoy people the most is the “know it all” these players believe they know everything that is going on and what will happen. Moreover, they won’t stop talking about it and will try to convince other players at the table to act according to what they feel. Even in hands they are not actively participating in at the moment.

The problem with this type of player is that most of the time they are wrong. But it won’t keep them from trying to share their opinions every chance they get. The only thing you can do is try to tune them out. And carry on with the game as if they aren’t speaking or typing to you.

Time Wasters

It’s normal that at times a player will be really hesitant to make certain decisions. Therefore, being patient with others is a good thing as you’ll want them to give you the same time to decide as well. However, some players take this too far and will think about every move they make for far too long. Holding up the game and annoying other players in the game as well. Which can get pretty frustrating for everyone there. Every poker app at this point do have a time limit, but when you have a player maxing it out every single turn, this can be pretty irritating.

The Sore Loser

Losing is never going to be a fun experience, but when it comes to poker it’s inevitable. We will all have times where we just can’t win. Or suffer a horrible loss that seemed like a sure thing. The important thing isn’t learning how to avoid this, it’s to handle it with grace. Some players struggle with this and will lash out in the game or resort to insulting other users on the poker app. This is a big no-no, as it creates a hostile environment. Which goes against the sportsmanship that the game of poker should entail.

The sore loser is one of the worst types of player because they suck the fun out of the game. It’s understandable that it hurts to lose real money or have your pride shattered by a really bad win. But that is just the way the game goes, and players that truly love the game of poker would never behave that way.

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