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Slot Types

 Many people love slot games for one single reason, the fact that they can win a massive prize for a relatively small wager. For instance, your luck can change in a single moment and change your life with a win of millions of dollars. That’s a very powerful idea which perfectly sums up why slots are so popular all over the world.

However, the jackpots are not the only reason many people love them. Slots are also the easiest game to start playing. Not nearly as intimidating as taking on the task of mastering poker, baccarat, or blackjack.  Which is why there are also several different types of categories of slots available.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

You may have heard of progressive or “jackpot” slot games. Basically, what these are is a game with at jackpot that increases as more people play it. By taking a small portion of every wager which goes toward the main jackpot. Progressives are particularly enticing because they tend to get bigger than any other type of slot game. Often extremely quickly as well, as is the case with the most popular current progressive games.

Progressives may start out with a set minimum, but you can be sure it won’t stay that way for long. But once a player collects the big payout it drops back down to the minimum to start increasing again. Many older games don’t work this way, and instead have a fixed or “regular” jackpot and tend to pay out smaller amounts but more frequently.

Fixed Jackpot Slots

 Fixed jackpots or “cash pot” jackpots are games where the main prize doesn’t increase every time someone plays it. These type of slot games have a set main prize as well as a percentage of smaller ones that go back to players who hit less significant winning combinations. In order to win the grand prize, which can be quite substantial, a player must hit the rarest combination of symbols in the game.

Although fixed jackpots don’t put a portion of your wager toward the main prize, it still matters how much you bet. For example, payouts can range from a thousand to even ten thousand times your wager if you end up hitting the winning combination.

Networked Progressives

Network or “wide area progressives” are networked online progressives are games with a linked jackpot. These accumulate just like regular progressives; the only difference is that several games across different casinos can often contribute to the same jackpot. In some cases, this can even be among casinos in different countries on popular slot games. Which is why you will sometimes see slot games with jackpots that would rival any major lottery.

To play these types of games, it’s important to understand what it takes to have a chance at winning. Since the odds are significantly worse than any other type of game as you compete with so many other players for the jackpot. Most, if not all, will require you to make the maximum bet if you want to have a chance at winning that million-dollar jackpot.

Local Progressives

 Perhaps the most common type of slots are local progressives. These are a series of games within the casino that all contribute toward one main jackpot. For instance, they exist in both online and land-based casinos.

As a result, they don’t usually get as massive as linked progressive but can still be impressive, nonetheless. And the best part is, because there’s less competition for the prizes, you get pretty decent odds of winning. Often these games can be a few thousand or more and pay out somewhat frequently.

The variance rate is what determines whether a game pays out more or less often. Naturally, the better the variance rate, the smaller the prizes will be. Since jackpot slot games with tens of millions as the jackpot cannot be won every day. Unless it’s a network slot jackpot that accumulates from millions of players. In which case, your competition for winning is quite stiff as well.

However, one thing we guarantee at Databet is complete fairness on all games. Therefore, every single slot game has a Random Number Generator. This ensures that every time you spin, the result of it will be completely random. So, what are you waiting for? You could be the next one to hit a winning combination on one of the massive slot jackpots you see here.

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Thai Databet Mobile

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